Welcome to Amadeu Samoyed!

Our mission is to bring harmony to the world. We do believe that our Sammies can make a substantial contribution toward its accomplishment.”

We are CKC-registered Samoyed breeder and proud owners of carefully selected Samoyeds. We focus our efforts just on one breed – Samoyed dogs. For us, breeding Samoyed dogs is a passion, we love this breed for its distinctive personality of being the most social dog which truly fits to be a family dog. Samoyeds are intelligent, tolerant, patient towards children, and truly family-friendly dogs. As family breeders, we treat our dogs more like family members. Our puppies are born in our home and raised with our kids to be part of a large family that provides them with a lot of love and affection which is important for the development of their temperament. We are a small, quality-focused breeder.

Our breeding approach rests on two pillars: The health of the pets, and high breeding standards. The health of our dogs is our priority. All our dogs are free from inheritable diseases like hip dysplasia, eye disorders, elbow joint deformity, and digestive and heart diseases. All our puppies are fully checked by a licensed veterinarian, dewormed, and vaccinated. They will come with a microchip for identification and CKC registration. We have developed a well-balanced nutrition plan that includes natural ingredients and guarantees a good health foundation for our dogs and their beloved puppies.

Our goal as breeders are to produce Samoyed dogs true to standards: aiming for the famous Samoyed Smile – black lips slightly curved up at the corners of the mouth, broad flat skull with strong and thick slightly rounded ears, beautiful, placed well apart dark eyes, dense soft white coat, strong not long but muscular body, a deep chest, strong arched neck, straight front, and especially strong loin. We carefully selected our dogs with championship bloodlines of European origin which guarantees that our dogs meet the breed standard.


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