Deposit and Payment
Once you select the puppy, you can send us a request for a reservation of the chosen puppy. You need to send a deposit with your request for a reservation. Before or at the time you pick up the puppy, you will need to pay the outstanding balance

When the puppies can be picked up? Our puppies will leave at the minimum age of 8 weeks. Puppies will be vaccinated, veterinary checked, and dewormed. Puppies also will be microchipped and registered with CKC (Canadian Kennel Club). Transfer of ownership will be completed within 30 days. We will provide with feeding guidelines, a sample of food to transition your puppy to your home, and favorite toy with the scent of the mom and home.

Other policies:
As an owner, you have obligation to provide good living conditions and take good care of your dog. Dogs should live indoors.

You need to provide balanced healthy food, regular exercises, and a lot of love to socialize with your dog. Samoyed dogs should not be left alone for an
extended time as this will affect the dog’s psycho-emotional well-being.

You have obligation to maintain the good health of your dog by providing yearly immunization, deworming, and providing tick prevention treatment during tick season. The yearly veterinary health check and vaccination are required.

By no means you can sell or give away the dog to an animal shelter, pet shop, laboratory, or animal research facility

The breeder will provide the new dog owner with a non-breeding contract.

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